What The Bible Says About Worship Music

Pastor Robert Bakss examines the topic of 'Worship Music' with the thoroughness of a lawyer, weighing the Biblical, scientific and experiential evidence


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Book Overview

Many grapple today with what the proper style of music for church should be, and sadly it becomes a worship war. Like the movie Star Wars, the battles rage from episode to episode, with Bible verses being used as the proverbial light sabres to attack and defend each other. This book answers the questions amongst Christians and churches today in regard to worship music and appropriate styles and genres. It provides clear, concise guidelines, Biblical principles and practical suggestions to adopting a modern, relevant and blended approach to worship music. It is a biblical guide to worship music spanning early church history to the present day, providing research to support the implementation of a balanced blend of traditional and contemporary worship music in churches.

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What Our Readers Are Saying

Finally! An experienced Christian leader within the Independent Baptist movement has stepped forward to lovingly express the counterargument to the often heard traditionalist point of view. Robert Bakss addresses the concepts of Christian worship with humility and humour being firmly planted in Biblical theology. I thank him for boldly taking a Biblical stand knowing the ridicule and unnecessary separation it will bring.


Pastor Josh Teis

Lead Pastor, Southern Hills Baptist Church, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

How does an Independent Baptist pastor of 30 years who was stuck in traditions of the church, defend the use of modern, contemporary worship music? To find out, read this book. 'Worship Wars' is a thought-provoking book that will challenge the reader to ask the question, "What does the Bible say about worship music in the church?" I found Pastor Bakss’ arguments to be excellent. This book is a great read and is bound to challenge one's thinking about worship music from a biblical viewpoint.


Pastor Eric Capaci

Senior Pastor, Gospel Light Baptist Church, Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA

The complex issue of worship music and styles is one that cannot, and must not, be dismissed or ignored. Robert Bakss has addressed this controversial subject with characteristic thoroughness and objectiveness. You might argue with his conclusions, but you cannot accuse him of being harsh in spirit, slothful in research, or sloppy in exegesis. This book cannot be ignored!


Pastor Mark Tossell

Pastor and Author, Sydney, Australia

After reading ‘Worship Wars’ I have learned a great deal now about church music and recognise which categories I belong to. Thankfully I have changed my preferences. My God knows I needed a wake-up call


Mrs Margaret Gorle

Member of Lighthouse Baptist Church Rockhampton for 40 years

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About Author

Dr Robert Bakss

After completing a law degree and pursuing a career in law, God called Robert Bakss to the ministry in 1988. Pastor Bakss, who accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour in 1979, often states God called him from "mans law to Gods law"!   

He is currently the senior pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church, Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia and has been there since 1997. 

Over the past few years the Lord has established his ministry and blessed the church in a wonderful way for the glory of God. His influence throughout churches in Australia, the South Pacific and parts of Asia has increased as he has helped many pastors and missionaries through his preaching, teaching and the annual Pastors Refresher School. His vision of training preachers, missionaries and Christian workers for the 21st century was realized with the founding of Australian Baptist College in 2007.


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